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Process Integration

How do your executives think about your organization? Do they think in terms of discrete divisions that interact with one another? But isn’t your organization’s work done in processes that flow across divisions? The process for taking and fulfilling an order, for example, may flow across your Sales, Production, Shipping, and Accounting departments. Analyzing organizations from this process flow perspective is the heart of Enterprise Process Integration.

Enterprise Process Integration is a cross-functional approach that breaks down “stovepiped” divisions and focuses on enabling the critical end-to-end processes within an organization. By looking at your organization this way, the processes that provide your greatest competitive advantage can be identified, improved, and monitored. Process Integration is also an absolute requirement for implementing Service Oriented Architectures.

As can be seen from the chart below, Enterprise Integration, Inc., has developed innovative methodologies for documenting, analyzing, and improving an organization from a business process orientation. The methodology developed by EII supports end-to-end process integration while linking to the Management Integration and Data Integration layers creating the holistic approach necessary for an organization to reach its full potential.


Process Integration Methods

SOA Readiness and Strategy Assessment Business Process Management (Strategic) Business Process Management (Technical) Composite Application Requirements Business Process Architectures Federated Business Process Architectures
Process-Oriented Portfolio Management Business Process Strategy Process-Oriented Compliance Architectures Business Process Simulation Process Costing Service-Oriented Architectures
Operational Architectures Business Performance Management Business Process Reengineering Function Modeling and Analysis Continuous Process Improvement Process-Oriented Gap-Fit Analysis
Business Process Requirements for Enterprise Systems Content & Document Management Design for Supply Chain Planning Design for Supply Chain Execution Process Design for B2B e-Commerce Enterprise Solution Scoping and Documentation
Enterprise Services Design Enterprise Solution Reverse Engineering SCOR & DCOR Alignment Instance Consolidation Enterprise Solution Design Shared Services Design