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Who We Are

  • We are a proven thought leader in Management Integration

  • We have deep experience in Process Integration

  • We are an innovator experienced in Data Integration

  • We are a leader in complex projects

  • We have Global Experience

We Are Trusted Client Agents

Enterprise Integration, Inc. assists public and private sector organizations in planning, implementing and managing change in their organizations. We provide objective counsel regarding what is best for the client organization. EII does not sell our clients preconceived solutions and we do not provide system integration services. We are unbiased and non-conflicted.

We Solve Complex Problems from a Business Process Orientation

EII specializes in leveraging business process optimiza­tion to solve complex and mission-related problems. We believe in the use of “best-practice business software” when appropriate, but are pragmatic in realizing that quite often, less-than-perfect solutions will achieve comparable results in a more cost-effective manner.

We Focus on Integration Rather than Interfacing

EII understands the difference between the integration and interfacing of information systems. Our goal is to maximize the value chain improvements that integration enables in the life cycle of business systems. We spe­cial­ize in architectures that are enabled by the latest technologies, such as Oracle’s Customer Data Hub and SAP’s NetWeaver solutions. All our integrated solutions are business process oriented and managed with modern architectural planning method­ol­o­gies and tools.

We Are at the Forefront of Technology

Technology often assists organizations in making quantum leaps forward, so we leverage our technology skills and knowledge to always remain on the forefront of technical advances. We leverage technology to enhance organiza­tion­­al change that improves our clients’ ability to fulfill their goals and specific quantifiable objectives.