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Splitting the SAP Instance: Lessons on Scope and Business Processes

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We investigate how SAP Blueprinting methodologies, driven by questionnaires and interviews can be misleading if cross-functional business processes and organizational alignment are not considered as part of the project scope. In the private sector, the implementing organization usually owns all of the business processes within its domain. In the public sector, this is not always the case, and leads to a split integration instance.. A “split instance” occurs when multiple standard software solutions are implemented in a domain that requires a single instance. Our research hypothesis is that the “split instance” problem is political, and driven by the desire of senior management to preserve organizational stovepipes. We test our hypothesis by performing an analysis of two US NAVY implementations: The Naval Air Systems Command and the Naval Supply Command. The only solution to the “split instance” problem is to realign the two solutions into a converged value chain that can be efficiently enabled by the SAP software.
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